Our benefits

In our store, we really care about you being properly served. We are guided by values ​​such as trust, punctuality, verbosity and reliability. We respect you, your time and money.

Our history dates back to 2008, when one of us got the idea of opening a vinyl store. To this day, we have many successes not only in the sale of records, but also in their production and release. We know everything about vinyl, new and used. We are passionate about sound, music and people who make up the entire musical community.

We guarantee that we will not try to do something for you. We will just do it. We guarantee that we will not promise you anything, we will simply do what belongs to us. We guarantee that you will not only be satisfied with our offer, but also you will have reasons to smile and maybe even laugh. We guarantee that the time spent with us will be valuable and useful.

We offer various forms of payment and delivery.
For your convenience, you can choose how you want to pay and what you want to receive your order.