Eliza A. Tkacz is in Łódź, where she graduated from music school. He writes lyrics, composes and produces music, arranges word-music compositions, plays keyboards and sings. He deals with image and animation as well as science and technology. She recently released an EP on a physical medium, and until now she has been operating in the Internet space, where she has taken up the challenge of combining all her interests synergistically. She directs and produces music videos. Her work is conceptual. Inspired by Scandinavian music, painting from nature and artistic photography. By some, due to the timbre of the voice and space in music, it is compared to Björk, Kate Bush, Tori Amos.

In 2018, three singles were released: Believing in silence (Home), Swan and Until Death Do Us Part, which are a conceptual triptych.

For 2019, Eliza has released her debut EP entitled Flash Frames.

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